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Tamagotchi Nano - TinyTAN Purple

  • TAMAGOTCHI TINYTAN Spend some quality time with the band mates of BTS with the Purple mini Tamagotchi TinyTAN handheld game from Bandai. These 4cm electronic toys let you look after the TinyTAN versions of your favourite band mate, play games and feed them to keep them content
  • INCREDIBLE BTS If you are a fan of the South Korean pop sensation that is BTS you will already know about TinyTAN, their animated doubles that cross between our world and their's through a magic door. Get to know each TinyTAN character with this digital pet
  • PLAY WITH ALL 7 When you start this electronics toy you will be presented with a magic door and can play the game Character Catch. In 24 hours the door will transform into one of the boys from BTS: RM, SUGA, Jung Kook, j-hope, V, Jin, or Jimin. Play the game over to find each one
  • LOOK AFTER THEM Your TinyTAN electronic pet has happy and hungry meters to keep full lest they become ill and eventually leave. Make sure to feed and play virtual games with them to keep them happy and in top condition. Throughout the day they will share small animations with you
  • MORE TAMAGOTCHIS TO COLLECT In addition to this purple Bandai Tamagotchi Nano with blue buttons, there is also a red version to collect. Why not make a collection of virtual pets from Bandai's range of Tamagotchi handheld electronic games, keep them all on a keyring to play with them any time

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