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Terms of Responsibility

Term of Responsibility 

We ‘NXTech’ may amend these Terms of Responsibility from time to time. Please read these terms carefully before entering an agreement to do business with us. By placing an order for Goods with us, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms of Responsibility. 

You, the Company and any of its partners, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Client’, declares that it is aware of the following terms of responsibility to ensure that any agreement/s to do business with NXTech are legitimate:

1. The ‘Client’ , represents and warrants that it, its affiliates and all of its board members, executive director, directors, attorneys and employees: 

- Comply and will continue to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws, without being limited thereto, to Bribery Act 2010, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other relevant Laws and Treaties; 

- have not made or instructed to make any payments, loans, or gifts or promises or offers of payments, loans or gifts of any amount or anything of value to a Public Agent or third person related to him, in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, undue advantage; - did not circumvent any internal accounting control, did not falsify any accounting book or record and do not have any fund or asset that is not duly registered in the accounting books and records; 

- have not been or are involved in any administrative or judicial proceeding related to the violation of the aforementioned laws; 

- have not any criminal convictions, criminal cases or VAT tribunals pending for any criminal offences other than minor road traffic offences; 

- will use their best efforts to ensure that any agent, subcontractor or other contracted representative complies with the provisions of this clause. 

  1. The Client, declares and warrants that his company, suppliers or any affiliated entities are in compliance with the labor legislation in force, obliging itself to: 

- Not use forced or compulsory labor; 

- not subject its employees to conditions analogous to those of slave 

- not to use child labor in their activities; 

- not be related to human trafficking; 

- have all of its employees legally employed. 

  1. The Client declares and warrants that his company is up-to-date with both filing and payment of corporate taxes including VAT. 
  1. The Client declares that none of its Directors: 

- Holds any other directorship or interest in any other companies operating in the IT/Computer/Electronics/Communications sector (except any companies that are part of a group of companies directly related to this application); 

- has been disqualified as a director or has been filed for bankruptcy; 

- has any pending criminal convictions, criminal proceedings or VAT courts for any criminal offenses other than minor road traffic offences.

  1. The Client declares to know and respect: 

- The HMRC’s regulations regarding VAT, and specifically VAT notice 726 – “Joint and several liability for unpaid VAT”

- The HMRC’s Guidance of joint and several liability. 

  1. The Client declares that: 

- his company has never had a VAT assessment raised against him or have outstanding enquiries or appeals with HMRC; 

- carries out reasonable checks on the legitimacy and integrity of all his suppliers and customers.