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We're heading towards one of the biggest gaming springs ever! .. Or so we thought! [Edit]

We feel like the talk surrounding what is set to become the biggest gaming release of the year, Cyberpunk 2077, has gone a little quiet... or maybe we've just not been listening well enough!

We're just over three months away from release and not much more has been given away. 

But it's coming. 

And we've not just got that to look forward to! 

The Last Of Us Part II may have been delayed, but that hasn't dampened the anticipation for its release in May. 

 Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Marvel's Avengers. Nioh 2. Resident Evil 3 (yes.. already!). The list goes on and on. 

Stay tuned gamers! Spring is going to be big and busy! 


Or so we thought when we first published this blog post on 9th January!

This week (from 13th January), three big spring titles have been delayed.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been pushed back five weeks, until 10th April. That's not so bad? Well... unfortunately we're in for a longer wait for two other titles. 

Marvel's Avengers is delayed until 4th September! Nearing four months from the original release expected release date. 

But it gets worse. Despite being functionally complete, CD Projekt's highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed by five months! With release now set at 17th September. 

Hopefully that just means they'll be even better.... right?

So instead of a huge gaming spring, hold tight for a too-far-away gaming autumn instead!

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