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We picked up our own Ring Fit Adventure and we love it!

 Ring Fit Adventure - our new addiction

I got my hands on Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure on release day last Friday after weeks of anticipation, and I'm in love with it already. 

Although my first trial was with some of the mini games and I've only completed the first couple of levels in the adventure, the premise of it is so much fun, so original, and it is actually a fitness quest! 

Ring Fit Adventure does manage to combine a video game with full on exercise that will have your heart racing and your brow glistening!

The Ring-Con works like a Pilates resistance ring, and requires a substantial amount of effort to squeeze or stretch into an oval. During the adventure you jog along a linear pathway, using your Ring Con to collect EXP points, get past obstacles, and battle enemies - your power coming from the exercise routine you deploy.


I was genuinely surprised by the level of exercise involved, although there are many customisation options available to tailor the experience to your level. 

It's getting to that time of year when getting out for a run, or dragging yourself out of bed to hit the gym gets more and more difficult. Ring Fit Adventure does offer the perfect alternative or addition to your usual exercise regime, or the perfect beginning to your new fitness goals, with the added bonus that playing the game helps with the drive and determination to pick up your Ring Con and get to work to complete each level. 

Definitely a must have for Switch owners!

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