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PS5 Console Design Revealed, Plus PS5 Digital Edition!

Last Thursday (11th June 2020) Sony finally revealed what the next generation of PlayStation console will look like. 
And we think it looks amazing!
The PlayStation 5 reveal event showed us 28 new games that will be available over the next year or so after the console release. 
The big surprise however was the reveal at the end of the hour+ long event of the stylish design of the console which until then had been a closely guarded secret. And an even bigger surprise was the announcement of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.  
We still have no firm details on a release date beyond 'Holiday' (aka Christmas time) this year. But you can register your interest with us and as soon as we find out more information we'll send it right to your inbox. 
For more information on the console including confirmed game titles and accessories visit our PS5 page 
Register your details below and when we find out more information, we’ll send it right to your inbox.

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