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Meet Ollie!

Say Hello to our favourite new product of the week, Ollie!

Brought to you by Sphero, Ollie is a purely app-controlled robot. But what exactly does that mean we hear you ask?

Ollie is the remote controlled car reimagined. Taking a nod from skateboarding culture, Ollie is a complete adrenaline junkie that rockets around at floor-warping speeds and does ridiculous tricks.

Ollie travels at 6.3 metres per second - about 14 miles per hour. With unrivalled manoeuvrability, able to spin, drift and flip and effortlessly leap off ramps, Ollie allows the user complete control to create and master tricks. 

There's a score system which gives feedback from a virtual judge, and reaching high scores unlocks new, specialised driving styles, allowing individual personal control over your Ollie. And all of this control happens via an app on your smartphone.

We're currently offering Ollie in that beautiful blue, but you can even buy different tyres and 'hubcaps' for Ollie to switch up your style. 

Some of this might sound more than a little odd. But behind the tricks and the different colour hubcaps, Sphero are going beyond the idea of a 'toy'.

Sphero offer a multitude of products and tools together under the hashtag "Beyond Code". Their aim is to inspire the creators of tomorrow - the coders, thinkers, problem-solvers, artists.

Play is a powerful teacher. With the Sphero Edu (Education) App, kids can learn to code, program their robot and create or run STEAM activities - that is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  

So there you have it, beneath those bright blue wheels - or whichever colour you choose, Ollie is more than just an app-controlled robot. But still enjoy learning to pull off all of those tricks!

Ollie is available now at NXTech






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