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Celebrating Earth Day today and every day at NXTech

Here at NXTech we strive to do all we can to lessen our impact on the planet. As an online business we provide our customers with the ability to access the products they want with ease, but we also know there are aspects of this industry which can be resource intensive. 

That's why this Earth Day we are reiterating the work we do everyday to make sure we have as little negative impact as we possibly can, and also what we can all do to give back to the planet.

Planting Trees

Our partnership with One Tree Planted brings the opportunity for our customers to plant a tree with every order they place, for less than £1! It's been an incredible success in the year it has been in place and we thank every customer who has taken up this opportunity.

Bringing your items to you

As an online store, it stands to reason there must be transport involved in delivering your items to you. Our partnerships with courier companies such as DPD and UPS who offer carbon neutral shipping is just one way we can make our business more sustainable. Coupled with our packaging goals you can be reassured that we make sure every purchase has as little impact as possible.


What can we all do every day?

Every day actions can have a huge effect, even if it doesn't always seem so. What do our staff do every day, and what can you do?

- Switch off lights - this simple action doesn't just lower energy use, it's also a way to combat light pollution. 

- Plant some seeds - everyone knows why plants are so important! Setting aside a small area of your garden, or even a pot on a windowsill for some wildflowers is great news for our wildlife and for us.

- Manage your emails - emails are a great way to reduce paper use! And for online businesses communication via emails is essential. But all those emails are powered from somewhere. We can all make a concerted effort to send only relevant emails and clear out our inboxes of unread and spam emails to reduce carbon emissions. 

- Reduce food waste, plastic waste and recycle - every day actions which when combined has a drastic impact on our planet.

 We believe that every day is earth day, but on the official Earth Day 2021 it's incredibly important to do all we can to protect the planet.

Remember to have a look at our sustainability page for more information and keep planting those trees!

 Thanks for shopping with NXTech 

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