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Samsung Micro SDHC Plus 48MB/s CLASS 10 - 16GB


The Samsung Micro SDHC Plus 48MB/s CLASS 10 - 16GB has super fast speeds and more capacity, making it perfect for Smartphones and Tablets.

Samsung's Plus MicroSD Card line up feature the highest-quality NAND and UHS-1 support, offering high transfer speeds at up to 48MB/s Read. They are ideal for use in high-end Micro SDHC compatible digital devices including Cameras, MP3s, Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Samsung MicroSD cards can endure 24 hours submerged in water and survive the perils of airport x-ray machines, magnetism and extreme temperatures.


  • Up to 48MB/s transfer speed with UHS-1 interface
  • High read and write speeds mean less time storing and transferring and more time sharing and enjoying!
  • Class 10 & Class UHS-1 rating for the best performance a memory card can give
  • Store and transfer photos, videos, music and apps on any microSDHC compatible device
  • Samsung Memory, No.1 name in memory since 1992
  • Tested in severe conditions, this memory card can withstand water, shock, temperature and X-rays

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