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Bosch PLR 30 C Digital Laser Measure


Product Description

Bosch PLR 30 C - Small Tool with All the Necessary Basic Functions

For tradesman to complete work to a high standard, they need precise measurements. Using a tape measure, pen and paper for manually marking your measurements is not anymore, because the Bosch PLR 30 C laser measure, measures lengths with millimetre precision and can accurately calculate areas and volumes automatically.

Who wants to know how many litres of paint, how many meters of wallpaper or how many square meters of flooring, laminate or carpet they need to renovate their homes? With this compact tool, all of this is possible.

When measuring in a furnished room, it can be hard to accurately calculate measurements as you will have to piece together lengths and add up the individual values in your head or grapple with a pen and paper.

Insufficient paint, wallpaper, flooring or curtain fabric is as annoying as having too much. But all the needs of home improvement are no longer to be feared: The PLR 30 C Bosch Laser Measure is a suitable measurement tool for fast, highly precise results and error-free measurement.


- The PLR 30 C can measure distances up to 30 m to an accuracy of +/- 2 mm. From the measured lengths, the device automatically calculates areas and volumes. This helps when you want to know how much paint walls and ceilings need or how much flooring is needed to be fitted.

- The data can be transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to the free Bosch PLR measure&go app, which is available on Android and iOS devices

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