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EPOS H3 Wired Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset (black)


H3 headset is multiplatform compatible with exchangeable PC/console cables.

A studio-quality microphone with a flexible lift-to-mute boom arm delivers crystal-clear game chat that is intelligible through the heaviest action.

Ergonomic ear pads are designed based on the anatomy of your ear, ensuring a comfortable fit and acoustic seal.

Key features

  • Plug and Play Gaming Headset
  • Studio-quality Microphone
  • Ergonomic Ear Pads for Optimal Comfort
  • EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology

  • CLOSED ACOUSTIC GAMING HEADSET - Closed-back for better passive noise-cancelling.
  • EPOS ENGINEERED AUDIO - High quality audio that delivers the cues needed for quick reaction times.
  • STUDIO-QUALITY MICROPHONE - Noise-cancelling microphone for crisp in-game chat; simply raise the flexible boom arm to mute when microphone is no longer in use.
  • INTUITIVE VOLUME CONTROL - Make quick adjustments while gaming with a volume wheel on the right ear cup.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ADJUSTABLE FIT - A stainless steel slider in the headband adjusts the fit of the headset. Click stops allow you to remember the most comfortable fit and hinged ear cups can be angled to suit any face shape for maximum comfort.

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