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Hori RWA Racing Wheel Apex (PS4)


Product Description

Hori is at it again! Once again bringing users the absolute best in build-quality, customisation and authentic racing simulation, APEX is the ultimate bang-for-your-buck purchase this year.

Hori's Tokyo design team have packed all the features and quality of a mid-range racing wheel into a complete package at an aggressive price. Massive 270 Degrees turn-ratio; Customisable sensitivities, totally control re-mappable – PS4/PS4/PC compatibility: APEX covers the full breadth of Racing Wheel features.

It has clamp AND suction-cup fixation along with a new WINNING steering mode. Quickly change from 270 degree turn ratio to 180 degrees, with the push of a button.Get the Hori Edge with the all new RWA: Racing Wheel APEX for Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC.


Quick Handling Mode - Quick-switch between 270 and 180 degree Rotation angle. 

Foot Pedal -  Adjust the pedal sensitivity for nuanced acceleration. Confident driving required secure foot-support; no slipping and sliding with the retractable tactile foot rest.  

- Clamp Included - Pro racers know that for a truly secure ride, a desk-clamp is a must. RWA comes desk-clamp included, along with Japanese-grade suction cups.

- Large Gear Shift Paddles - APEX is a 1:1 scale racing experience. Along with a huge 280mm diameter wheel, we've also thrown in large gear shifter paddles.

Adjustable Dead-Zone - For the precision racer, dead zone calibration is obviously a must. APEX racers can tweak their dead zone to respond exactly how they want.

Total Input Customisation - All inputs are totally programmable through an intuitive LED-system. Race your own way with Hori APEX.

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