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Hori PlayStation 4 Wired Controller - Officially Licensed Mini Gamepad for Kids - Black


Product Description

Introducing the new, officially SONY licensed Mini Wired Gamepad for PlayStation 4 from Hori, designed with younger gamers in mind.

This controller is 40% smaller than the DualShock 4 and has a simple form factor with a flat design that makes it easy to fit into smaller hands. The Mini Wired Gamepad provides the essential functions to play most PS4 games while still providing a great gaming experience - that includes the right and left sticks, R1/L1/R2/L2 buttons, directional buttons, and action buttons. Touch pad inputs can be simulated via the left or right sticks.

The wired controller includes a 3 metre cable, making for an easy plug-and-play experience.

While this controller does not include some features of DualShock 4, including a touch pad, light bar, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration, or motion sensing, it comes at a great value and helps open gaming to the whole family. 


Official SONY Licensed - Wired Mini Gamepad available in Three colours: Red, Blue and Black


Multiplayer Mayhem - Perfect controller for players 2/3/4 - Now you can play FIFA with friends without breaking the bank.

Simulated Touch Pad functionality ensures compatibility with all major AAA and Indie titles.

Great Quality and Affordable - back to the old school - extra controllers for when you have extra players round.

Complete Input Functionality - PS Button/SHARE Button/Options Button all present and accounted for!

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