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Tamagotchi Original Electronic Pet (42823 ) - Gudetama


Product Description

Gudetama Meets Tamagotchi!

Tamagotchi, the original 90s virtual pet, now comes in a Gudetama (The Lazy Egg) version.

From Sanrio, who brought you Hello Kitty, Gudetama the Lazy Egg returns in Tamagotchi keyring form. In Japanese, when you're lazy, you are referred to as gude gude. Gudetama (tama from tamago, egg in Japanese) is the lazy egg.

Raise and nurture Gudetama in a Tamagotchi environment. Hatch the egg and determine which version of Gudetama you get! Give Gudetama attention, feed it soy sauce or a tomato, and play games with it so that it grows into an adult, otherwise your Gudetama will turn into an egg dish! If that happens, start again, and see which versions of Gudetama you raise next! 


- Care For Your Gudetama- Give your Gudetama Tamagotchi attention, feed it soy sauce or a tomato and play games with it

- How Will Your Tamagotchi Grow Up - Raise your Tamagotchi from egg to adult and see which character you get; it all depends on how you take care of your pet!

- Includes Gudetama Game - guess which egg the Gudetama is hiding in!

- Comes With - Yellow shell in a soft Gudetama Case, and original programming and characters; chain; battery included

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